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Architecture + Motion Design

When I was younger I really thought that architects have the most kick-ass job you can have. You literally walk around the world, redesigning it, and people pay you sh*tload of money to do so.

Unfortunetaly, I knew for a fact (both parents are architects), that it's like with a beautiful girl in a club, the one who is perfect until she opens her mouth and tells you all you need to know about Kardashians.

Anyway, this article is not about me, it's about the architecture itself, and how there are people around the world who simply take it, and put it into beautiful animations, making it de facto another form of artistic expression.

They don't have architectural degrees, don't care if it's too big, what function does it have, or is it even needed.

When you see architecture in commercials, renders, animations, music videos, the sole purpose of it being there - is just to add visually to the image, or to play the part in the narrative (for example making entire world seem very dystopian) - like in this exquisite example from Ash Thorp titled NONE:

It's quite fascinating that currently there seems to be few major groups that deal with architecture in a visual way. 

Some of them are a very down-to-earth, "let's make it real" types, others are trying to imagine the future, and few others simply make bat-crazy sh*t with it. So if you ever wondered "what the hell is going on with architecture these days", you are in a right place to scratch that itch.

Real-life Architects

Very recently Foster + Partners (very fancy architects) have published a project for Hyperloop Cargo Network in Dubai, and they presented this vision with the help of motion design, you can watch it down here:

Here's different case study - new city of Amaravati (that's in India), also by Foster + Partners.

Architectural visualization studios

Unbelievably saturated market, filled with boring repeatable ideas, but there are beautiful exceptions such as this extraordinaire studio from rainy west coast of Norway, called MIR.

Motion Design studios

Here's where things start to get not that down-to-earth as in previous examples. Brilliant piece of motion design from Man vs. Machine studio, which was asked by Apple to test the limits of their iMac Pro, and they did something called Algorithmic Architecture.

Daily Renders

This is what I meant by saying "bat-sh*t-crazy". There is an ongoing trend on instagram called Dailies, which for some is a hobby, and for others - serious work. It simply means that you have to post some kind of work every single day, and there are people out there who were doing this for 10 years. TEN YEARS. Actually I mean one particular dude who I had a pleasure of meeting, and even drinking beer with in Amsterdam. (he still owes me for that!!!)

Ladies and Gentelmen, meet Beeple.


Title Sequences

Pretty awesome category with a lot of kick-ass works. I really like that trend advancing every year, and here are some creative mixes of Architecture and Motion Design for you to glance at:

Sometimes it's simply about reshaping reality just slightly.

Magic of Interiors

More of the Interior Designer vibe going on here, but it's still architecture, am I right or what? This is huge category, mostly because people get really creative with 3D software, and without physical limitations, they can literally design their own worlds.

And for the dessert, not really a motion design piece - but a film. Beautiful film.

I love getting inspired by architectural images, minimal, concrete blocks stacked together forming unbelievable creations. Every time I do a project, I would just stare at my pinterest boards, looking for something that just feels right, know what I'm saying?

Here's example from the project for Artifact, down here you can see 'inspiration/reference wall'.

3D_artifact_01 (0-00-00-00)_4.jpg

and that's how it ended up looking — final render.

3D_artifact_CUBE (0-00-00-00).jpg

That's it! Hope you've enjoyed reading that article as much as I did writing it!

Iggy Pacanowski