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Unconventional 3 book marketing ideas for sci-fi authors 👽


You have created worlds, and conquered civilizations, but thinking about marketing your book makes you want to quit the writing business?

Hold on, you may not be Frank Herbert, or Stanislaw Lem yet, but if you actually have written your own sci-fi book. Damn, kudos.

I'm pretty sure that you don't need another - believe in yourself, and get out there approach. I think you got this part, but you may be lacking go-to tactics that you can implement right here, right now.

Paint your world with concept arts 🎨

You are probably familiar with various concept arts, those vague paintings that bring fantastic worlds into reality with few brush strokes.


But did you know you can actually hire someone to create one for you, and the entire process is quite simple, straightforward, and not very expensive? Imagine pictures like those as your facebook page cover 🤩


I had a pleasure of hiring concept artist (Leon Tukker) for a commercial project - we were pitching idea to the client (big warehousing global player), and we needed to show the vision of the 2050 warehouses, which were flying all over Paris.

LeonTukker-prologis-RGB (0-00-00-00).jpg

Pretty crazy idea, but the concept art sold the story in a second. So how do you get your own concept art?

  • Go to Art Station - that's a place where concept artists showcase their projects.
  • Start browsing through trending pictures
  • Dive into artist that you like the most, like this Leon Tukker
  • On his profile you can easily find website, or email adress
  • Write an email describing your book, and what would you like to see. I'm not sure how Leon's rate has changed since our collaboration (few years ago), but then it was about 300€ / $350 for that one warehouse concept.
  • From then on, the artist will lead you through the process, but it shouldn't take longer then a week to complete something like this.

Simple right?

3D Animated Book Trailers 🎬

Oh that one is definitely my top pick. Actually something I would love to do with few authors right now, I'm talking to you Cixin Liu

Generally speaking, book trailers mostly suck, and sci-fi book trailers are practically non-existing. The reason is quite simple - there is huge lack of communication between 3D motion designers (such as myself) and sci-fi authors (such as yourself).

Animated book trailers are this new frontier that wasn't really possible till year, two, three ago. Since then, computer generated imagery started to be more cost-efficient with development of GPU renders like Octane, or Redshift.

Well, no more mumbo jumbo talk - simply put - we can make crazy 3D animations easily and it doesn't cost arm and the leg.

Process of getting your book a 3D animated trailer is slightly more complicated, but don't worry, just follow those steps and you will know exactly how to get one, and who do you need to ask for help.

Following process works for all kinds of trailers:

  • Extract a sequence 🔍, or some part of the book which screams 'visualize me!'. You need to find sequence that can be told in 30-60-90 seconds, which will tell a bit about the world you've created, without showing too much. 
  • Establish the look 👀. This is where visual inspirations will start to give initial ideas of how to picture your extracted sequence. Those kind of references can be found easily on Pinterest, and ArtStation.
  • Start drawing your shots ✏️. Take pictures of them, and put it all together (you can use iMovie app). It will help you see rough version of your trailer in matter of minutes.
  • Now you have animatic 🎞, version 0.1 of your trailer, which you can either start producing on your own, or get professional to help you realize your vision.
  that's you realizing how easy it is to make it happen

that's you realizing how easy it is to make it happen

I don't want to discourage you from producing trailer for your book on your own, but if you are seriously considering making sci-fi trailer on your own - then you will have to learn a bit about 3D software, and few other things 🤯

 I've found this graphic somewhere on the internet.

I've found this graphic somewhere on the internet.

It's not impossible - but you if don't have the time, and just want to get the final trailer delivered to your email inbox - I'll be more then happy to help 🖖

Share your visual inspirations 💎

Show your readers world you have envisioned by sharing things that inspire you. I do it all the time on my instagram, so why can't you?

How does your hero looks like? I bet your viewers will have their own opinions, so why not make this an integral part of your social media presence.

Maybe you have found perfect concept for the vehicle your protagonist uses?

Start browsing ArtStation and Pinterest, and you will be able to feed hungry imagination of your readers in no time ⏱



You've made it here, and now you know thing or two about visual book marketing 🧐. Yeah yeah I know, there are still other conventional techniques, but at the end of the day, isn't your goal to make people fall in love with your grand vision?

Wrapping up, now you know:

  • how to get concept art for your book 🎨
  • have your sci-fi book trailer made 🎬
  • and how easy it is to share your visual inspirations 💎


Dream big.

Iggy Pacanowski